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WWF Conservation Pioneer Award Judging

These are the points to consider when judging the Conservation Pioneer Award entries:

WWF Conservation Pioneer Award criteria

1. Biological farming practices

Is the farm following biological farming principles in the production of healthy soils and healthy vines? How has the soil health improved? What nature-based solutions are in place that reduce agrochemical usage, for example, mulching and the use of cover crops to reduce the water requirements?

2. Water saving innovations

How has the farm changed their practices over time to be more water efficient?  It does not have to be a big tech/infrastructure innovation, practical examples where water savings have been realised can be equally marked.

3. Restoring rivers (alien plant clearing & restoration)

If there is a river, wetland or natural spring on the farm, has the entrant made efforts to restore the river/wetland to it’s natural state? (If not applicable, award 10 points).

4. Biodiversity conservation

What actions has the farm taken to prevent loss of biodiversity habitat, to conserve natural areas and encourage natural predators to be part of the farming system?

5. Ecotourism & pulling nature conservation in to marketing

How does the entrant bring their environmental commitments into the wine tasting experience? How can visitors experience the environmental principals?  How is this communicated to international customers?

6. Shifting to renewable energy

Is the farm measuring and reducing their energy usage? Is there is a commitment to utilize renewable energy solutions?

7. Reduce, reuse of waste

What the farm is doing to reduce waste material on-site in terms of applying the reduce, reuse, recycle principals. Small scale creative solutions as well as large scale innovations should be considered.

8. Adhering to industry best practice

Review valid evidence of the properties’ sustainability certifications that are relevant for this submission, for example:

  • IPW audit report/certificate
  • WIETA audit report/certificate
  • SIZA Social & Environmental report/certificate
  • Woolworths Farming for the Future certificate/report
  • WWF Conservation Champion certificate/EMP