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The Authentic South African Experience Award

Some of the elements the judges may consider:

  • How does authenticity come alive in the experience?
  • How does it promote our cultural heritage through food and wine?
  • Does the experience resonate with the establishment?
  • Is the experience consistent for all visitors?
  • Why do you think it is an authentic SA experience?
  • If possible, provide short video clip link (less than 3 minutes) to get a feeling – especially if sound and movement is an integral part of the experience.
  • Upload the following –
    • Pictures
    • Any marketing material – digital or print
    • Testimonials/feedback/evidence of positive responses/success from customers to be included. See upload section below entry form.

If you wish to preview the form, you may download it here. You must, however, complete and submit the form online.

Please upload any documents, brochures or photos that may support your entry. Ensure that your ENTRY NAME is included in the file name of each upload.

Upload files