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The Best Of Wine Tourism Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in wine tourism throughout the greatest wine regions in the world.


This international annual competition is designed to reward the wineries in each of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network’s member cities for the excellence of their facilities, in seven different categories, from art and culture to sustainable wine tourism.

It is considered as a real opportunity to improve brand image in the wine & tourism sector and a great communication/promotion tool, as considerable media attention is given to the competition and winners. The international wine and tourism media regularly publish interesting articles about the contest and about the award winning properties and wine tourism operators.

The winners of the contest are included in an important annual world leading campaign financed by the Great Wine Capitals: a brochure is published and advertised; and Social Networks are also very active about the Best Of winners activities, particularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Linked-In.

Great Wine Capitals of the World Best of Wine Tourism programme provides an excellent platform for South African producers to shine. The awards allow our local companies to compete on an international platform, comparing our wine tourism offering directly to those nations across the world who are presenting similar experiences and competing directly with South Africa for tourism support.


Introducing the Wine Tourism
Ambassador Awards 2022


It is felt however that South African’s unique history demands that there should be additional awards to celebrate the ongoing transformation in the wine tourism industry, those properties proudly celebrating our culture and heritage and finally those leaders that are making innovative efforts to ensure sustainability and conservation in our vineyards.

In the light of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic and the slow resumption of international tourism, every country in the world is attempting to attract maximum tourism spend – South Africa is competing on a world stage and it is believed that the addition of these awards to the “Best of …” portfolio will highlight our uniqueness and give South Africa an edge over the other New World wine producing nations so as to attract inbound tourists.